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Wednesday, January 20, 9: Weiss Brooch Hi Dianne, just a quick note to say thanks for the fantastic service. I picked up the brooch today and I love it. The colours start with very pale green through to the darker shade. The length of the pearls can be altered as required,beautiful condition.. There is also a cleaver facilility to wear this brooch as a pendant. Topaze blue zirconia stone,very well made and completely intact.

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Understanding these markings is an important aspect for authentication and will also reveal when the item was made and its history. We hope that you enjoy this Chanel stamping guide. Currently, it is the most complete and accurate guide online. As a result, these extremely rare pieces were left unmarked.

offers 1, fashion jewelry dating products. About 33% of these are zinc alloy jewelry, 31% are earrings, and 19% are jewelry sets. A wide variety of fashion jewelry dating options are available to you, such as anniversary, gift, and engagement.

Amber – Rub vigorously on wool and then try to lift a small piece of paper or tissue with the piece. Amber should lift it. Bakelite – Should have no seams of mold marks. Leaves a blue to black mark when scraped against pottery. Spray a little on a cotton swab and rub on the item [find an inconspicuous spot] for about one minute. The tip of the cotton swab should have a faint yellow appearance. Not all bakelite will test positive using this method.

Place the item under hot water for about 30 seconds to one minute.

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These wonderful old ads illustrate how jewelry was worn, when it was made, and how it coordinated with the styles of the time. Many of these ads were shared courtesy of Julie Scarlett, who sells vintage ads under the seller name papercharm on ebay. An added thanks to Pat Seal, who was the source of the dates for many of them. Click on each picture for a larger view. As Coro they are familiar to all costume jewelry lovers.

Oct 30,  · Costume jewelry in the very late ‘s either still imitated fine jewelry or was clearly “costume” with stones and finishes not found in nature. During the ‘s and ‘s three women stand out as fashion icons.

After about 35 years the company decided to add jewelry to their clothing to show the public a more completed “look”; the jewelry proved to be so popular that retailers had difficulty preventing people from stealing the jewelry off of the clothing. In a flash of inspiration it was decided to sell jewelry separately from the clothing. For almost 20 years this jewelry was unmarked, but in approximately it was decided to mark jewelry with “Eisenberg Originals” sometimes the “original” was left off , a mark that was used until the late ‘s most of the WWII era pieces were also sterling and marked as such , when a script “E” and eventually Eisenberg in block letters replaced the first marking.

A block E was also used closer to , and from to present Eisenberg Ice has been used, with pieces in the ‘s and ‘s for the most part remaining unmarked. In Eisenberg introduced Eisenberg Ice Classics, which also continues to the present. The clothing line was discontinued in the ‘s. Eisenberg clothing, for the most part, was solid colors, in black, grey, and navy, well-made, conservatively cut daywear in the form of suits and daytime dresses, aimed at well-to-do housewives.

The jewelry was beautiful and varied, but often featured Swarovski rhinestones, as the Eisenbergs, who were Austrian emigrees, felt it important to support their former countryman, but whom also produced the finest quality glass stones in the world, and the Eisenbergs wanted that quality of stone used in their line. Both all clear and colored stones pieces were made, with the colored stone pieces being the most expensive and highly priced.

While dress clips and later fur clips formed the bulk of the production, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, brooches, rings, belts, and other types of dress ornaments were produced, as well as accessory items such as compacts and even perfume. Most, but not all, of the pieces marked Eisenberg Original also have a stonesetter’s mark in the form of a letter or a number in a circle.

In the ‘s, postwar fashions changed dramatically and the “cocktail style” was the hottest thing around.

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Introduction Considered to be decorative art , jewellery is one of the oldest categories of precious metalwork. There are many different types of jewellery, including: Such decorative adornments were first made in prehistoric times – as confirmed by cave paintings showing figures wearing necklaces and bracelets – and have since become a regular feature of most cultures throughout the ages. An important type of Egyptian art as well as the more nomadic Celtic culture , jewellery was a feature of Byzantine art in Medieval Kiev, African art throughout the Dark Continent, Oceanic art across the Pacific and both Aztec and Inca culture in the Americas.

Indeed, jewellery – like body painting and face painting – has been a fundamental element of tribal art for millennia. Jewels have also been used to adorn weapons, as well as ceremonial and religious objects.

Jewelry between and , jewelry may be only marked ” or ‘sterling’. After , jewelry should also have a makers mark.. but it should be noted that not all manufacturers didn’t follow the law and some later pieces are simply marked (when sterling silver).

How to spot fake Weiss Jewelry and other Fakes news for vintage jewelry collectors Weiss closed its doors in So when you buy real Weiss jewelry, you know you are adding to your vintage costume jewelry collection–right? Beware of contemporary fakes that have been flooding the market for the past few years. You can find fakes very easily on eBay. Just type “Weiss” in the search engine. You will find thousands of listings, too many listings for the fairly scarce, signed vintage jewels.

Remember, Weiss produced a great deal of unsigned jewelry. Many dealers selling items on eBay out of their homes are essentially honest and just can’t tell the difference. Other dealers know they’re selling contemporary fakes. They sell them in auction after auction with the same pieces listed over and over.

Help dating ‘cha-cha’ style costume jewellery?

Whether updating a collection, searching for information about a family heirloom, or assisting a colleague or customer, dating a piece of vintage costume jewelry can present a challenge. Less familiar primary sources such as patents and copyrights, books about specific companies, and period advertisements also provide a wealth of information to assist with dating. For this article, examples from the mid-twentieth century will be provided, though the techniques and tools described here could be used for dating jewelry from other periods.

After Trifari won a court case in for copyright infringement, patenting these types of designs was widely discontinued and replaced by the less-expensive process of design copyrighting. It is obvious that Trifari and Coro patent information can be used to date pieces of their manufacture.

About Napier Jewelry By LeafTV Editor Napier Jewelry company is an American brand of costume jewelry that manufactured quality items selling for prices that the average woman could afford.

Graziano of New York, for approximately 27 years, has been one of the most widely respected designers of fashion jewelry in America. His jewelry designs, including those for bridal and party use, are finely crafted in extraordinary detail with design changes seasonally. Graziano has recently applied his techniques to a marvelous grouping of photo frames up to 3 x 5 inches that are illustrated on the internet at SendAFrame.

His costume jewelry is receiving a positive response from buyers almost immediately. The company is still in business today. Some interesting designs were produced although most of the jewelry was relatively common in design and was priced moderately to low asking price. The company ceased operations in In , Givenchy opened his own boutique featuring clothing and accessories including jewelry that were sold by department and jewelry stores and worldwide through high novelty boutiques.

Some Givenchy jewelry of heavyweight gold and silver metals is of simple chain design with pendants.


Identifying antique and costume jewelry: Koski, Director, Wisconsin Historical Museum Whenever I give a presentation on antique and costume jewelry, it’s often followed by a session on identifying pieces from the audience. Usually the first question I am asked is, “What is this thing anyway? This short article is to help you begin to answer some of these questions.

The first issue that needs to be addressed is the difference between antique and costume jewelry.

Napier costume jewelry from the s and early s is extremely hard to find and highly prized by both Napier enthusiasts and collectors of Art Deco jewelry. Like Ciner costume jewelry, it is often difficult to date Napier pieces simply by looking at the mark.

The show was a great success and contributed to the preservation of couture in France. The collection was restored in and went on a second tour in the early ‘s. I was fortunate to see it in the early ’90’s. In Dior introduced The New Look which changed the way women dressed. Jewelry in the late ’40’s was still mostly Retro in style, but the scale gradually changed so that the pieces, many still asymmetrical, were smaller in scale – complimenting the new more feminine fashions.

We looked at a little bit of late ’40’s Retro jewelry in Part IV. The Trifari Meteor parure is a good example. An important trend in fine jewelry, copied in costume, for the first time, was the separation of day-time and night-time jewelry. Jewelry set in goldtone finishes had colored stones but no diamonds — for day.

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Collecting Costume Jewelry will take students through another phase of jewelry collecting – the basics of dating jewelry, – This beautiful and informative volume simplifies the complex process of dating vintage costume jewelry into six easy-to-understand methods. Over colorful photographs of vintage jewelry illustrate these methods. Beginning and experienced collectors will appreciate the large reference section featuring dozens of well-researched charts cataloging over design patent numbers and over carefully chosen original patent illustrations.

More than intriguing and attractive vintage advertisements are scattered throughout the text.

A woman who had received a clear Eisenberg fur clip as a going away gift from her husband when he left for the service in told me her husband had spent almost $ for the piece, a whopping sum for a piece of costume jewelry at that time.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to National costumes of Norway. Bunad traditions in Norway[ edit ] Nordic bunad and folk dress on Faroe Islands stamps In Norway in the postwar era, especially in more recent times, it is common, but by no means mandatory, to wear bunad at various celebrations such as: In recent years, its use has reached far outside folk dancing, folk music, and particular holidays.

Accepted as proper gala attire, it is increasingly common to see people, and especially women, dressed in bunad. The former Norwegian foreign minister, Thorvald Stoltenberg , made history by presenting his accreditation as ambassador to Margrethe II of Denmark dressed in a bunad. Moreover, people tend to wear bunads to festive celebrations such as anniversaries and birthdays, and for religious occasions including baptisms, confirmations and Christmas.

There is ongoing debate about the official status of various outfits, and what allowed variations are. Due to ongoing discussions on the status of bunads, it is not possible to state accurately the number of different types of bunads in Norway, but most estimates place the number at around

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