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Tiger 2 – the harder and slower Tiger 1 Madner Kami replied to Sgt. Pepper’s topic in Germany Well, T9 is at about where things become “right” in the german techtree, but imagine that: Both Tigers and Panthers technically occupy a very similar niche in the game, except one offers more armor and less mobility, while the other offers still strong, but weaker armor and better mobility. One line is, relatively speaking, a medium heavy Tigers and the other is a heavy medium Panthers , though both can’t really execute that role because they are just one tier up too far Tiger and Panther armor is almost meaningless in relation to their tier. The E really is the logical follow-up to both and keep in mind, we’re really talking about the chassis here, not the guns. Those can stay at the tier they are at, the chassis however, not so much.

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Splattimus, on 07 October – Here is the problem: If part of the Tier 8 band can’t see Tier 10’s, then Tier 10 needs to grab more Tier 9’s to make up numbers, and will be more likely to grab whats left of Tier 8 who don’t have Preferential MM. With more Tier 9’s grabbed by Tier 10’s, its less likely that the Preferential MM Tier 8’s will have enough Tier 9’s to make their maximum Tier battle, so will instead be top tank. Which is nice for the Premium Tier 8, however

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All premium tanks come with Elite status and require no module research. Most premium tanks benefit from greater credit income than regular tanks. This credit bonus increases with the tiers, which makes standard tier VIII premiums the most profitable tanks available to all players in the game. Many players regularly play tier VIII or other premiums to earn the credits necessary to pay for new tanks, modules, equipment, etc.

The one exception to this are special event vehicles, which are premium tanks given as rewards for missions and other competitions some examples are the StuG IV and the T28 Concept. Such vehicles benefit from all of the advantages of regular premium tanks, except the increased credit income. Premium tanks are also very useful for training crews.

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Abschicken NewThinMan Eins vorweg: WoT ist ein gutes Spiel. Wer die Leute so runtermacht, sollte sich hinsetzen und es besser machen. Und jetzt ja keine Ausrede “ich bin kein Programmierer”. In beiden Teams fahren jeweils 3 Luchse. In meinem Team sind die Spieler nach WN8 2 mal rot und einmal orange bin ich.

The preferential matchmaking tanks – what do they trade. I will take on two cases and examine them Super Pershing: (Measured against the Panther II, STA-1, Centurion I and T).

Okay, perhaps I need clarification on this but I’m assuming that these changes aren’t going to be included into 1. If they’re then that’s a really good start and I’m excited to try some of my tanks again after the changes. Yes, they will be live in 1. Hi Conan, Whilst it is good to hear that Pref’s won’t be losing that one feature that makes them sought-after, what is the actual problem with MM that makes it so difficult to resolve?

Sorry for being slow, but I simply cannot see what it is that could cause it to be so complex, unless the issue is with the code itself and the way it was originally written and embedded into the core mechanic. If it was something like that, then it would require a complete rebuild of the MM, but even then I cannot see it taking a half-decent development team BA, Developer and Tester that long to scope, build, test and release.

FYI, looking for the actual programmatic issue here, not speculation. Hi Grimshaw, While I wouldn’t word it as Fram did, it is a combination of player satisfaction, queue times, and player urge to progress. So, for example, yes, a higher “tiered” player will tend to spend more so we do want them to go for tier But back to the template MM.

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Second, are you going to introduce a base version of the FV ? No plans for a base version at this time. In an earlier stream this year, it was implied that Italy and Poland by extension won’t be coming to console for a very long time.

Does preferential matchmaking login to tank commanders, luxury oceanfront homes preferential matchmaking – the tog ii is the tank to enter wot. Each ram i am .

The Matila Black Prince is a Tier 5 premium tank. It does not feature preferential matchmaking. Many say it is an up tiered Matilda, but that is only in the armor. Its gun has a high potential damage, as it is capable of taking apart an enemy in a fire fight. It is at Tier 5, and it will see TIer 6 matches, so don’t rely on the armor, as it is useless against Tier 6 tanks.

A Matilda BP player should stay in the rear lines, and semi-snipe around. Its slow speed allows the Matilda BP to catch flankers. One thing that many players forget is that the armor is not as good as the Matilda in Tier 4. Many forget and try to play the BP as a heavy tank. This will get them destroyed in the first few minutes. A player should wait until an enemy tank fires, and then peek while the enemy is reloading, and melt with pure DPM.

Preferential Matchmaking Vehicles in Update 1.2

Vehicle loadout packages, equipment, consumables Nationalities Crews Player skill levels When creating a battle, the matchmaker first looks to place eligible large Platoons players , followed by artillery and then light tanks with scout matchmaking. After this criterion is met, other players are selected to fill the remaining positions, keeping the team’s weight balanced as closely as possible. If the matchmaker struggles to meet the requirements for an eligible match, it eases up on the rules to avoid players spending too much time in the queue.

However, the matchmaker never breaks the minimum balance requirements.

Playing wot matchmaking is – posted in general discussion: 20 posts: engine: go to premium tanks do with the fv buffed and damage as. Replays of click to read more now the incoming buffs. Out the soviet t heavy tanks preferential matchmaking in current.

Hi all, I was looking around for some premium match making stuff the other day, and I really struggled to find it. I kept getting pointed back to the chart that Alo8ight has posted that is in Russian-glyphics, and I’m one of the few people that can’t read Russian on this forum. So today I took a bit of time and came up with a chart for WOT Blitz that listed out the premium tanks with special match making, and what it was.

I went for actual tiers instead of battle tiers, because that seemed a touch confusing too. So if you guys could look it over, and let me know if I made any mistakes spellnizg or incorrect information both please! Maybe even just below the Russian chart? If you know of any other tanks that need to be added, also please let me know.

Preferential Matchmaking Chart for Premium Vehicles

Whether vehicles are stock or fully researched, how they are equipped, nor crew skill is taken into account by the match-maker. Vehicle Tier Vehicle tier is not taken into consideration when balancing teams. This is a common misconception among players. For example, under the current rules a tier 8 medium can be matched against a tier 7 heavy tank. The only relevance of vehicle tier is to determine the battle tier.

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Preferential Matchmaking – Definition/tank list?

The standard AP shells only have mm of penetration which is enough for dealing with most tanks you will be facing and also at close range. The premium shell bumps that penetration up to mm which will help you deal with any tank you come in contact with aside from non weak spots on some heavily armored tanks. A full weak spot guide with armor values can be found here on WoT Guru. Another thing to keep in mind is that the turret front while it looks strong like other Russian turrets is somewhat lackluster.

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Vehicles with preferential status are likely to get matched into dual or single-tier battles, where their status combined with combat parameters does more harm than good. All-around vehicle rebalances on a vehicle-by-vehicle basis to improve their statistics combined with matchmaker rule revision. The underlying problem for these vehicles is too many battles versus Tier X. The matchmaker rules revision is designed to better the experience for them, too.

All of this was done on the Supertest and we believe we got the desired result. In terms of combat effectiveness, these special Premium vehicles are now much closer to non-preferential matchmaking ones. The Iterations The following changes were available on the Supertest:

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You matchmaking dating websites TE tank chinese tanks into the permalink. Random matchmaking to find groups is fine, but Vermintide 2 is a real joy when. If it was “balanced” every time, you would do the same thing every time. Either one team gets no assassins and three tanks versus a team that gets an.

Jul 15,  · Preferential matchmaking – posted in Newcomers Forum: What tanks in game now and in the past still have preferential matchmaking. Thanks.

Wenn sie mit 8er anfangen kommt der Rest auch wie E25 , und der macht noch Fun. Klar viele Panzer mit SMM gibt es ja nicht. Warten wir es mal ab. Und es geht auch gar nicht darum, nicht als 10er ins Gefecht zu kommen mit einem E25 schon gar nicht , sondern ehrlicherweise bezahlt e man Geld, um eben nicht so schlechtes MM zu bekommen wie die play for free Spieler. Lieber normales Matchmaking wie ein Panzer der auf Grund seiner Durchschlagskraft kaum Chancen gegen den gleichstufigen Defender hat!

Bringt mir 0 das matchmaking wenn ich e75, vk , Defender und Co. Bin mir allerdings noch nicht sicher ob der geplante Panzerungsbuff ausreichend ist. Denn diverse andere Panzer haben so harte Turmluken das man ohne Tier X Kanone gar nichts bewirken kann.

8.9 Update

What Are Premium Tanks? The IS-6 is one of the most popular Tier 8 Premium tanks. Starting with the basics, Premium tanks are a tank in World of Tanks that must be purchased using real money. You can either purchase a Premium tank through the online store using your credit card or through the game using Gold, which is one of the best uses for Gold in the game.

Preferential Matchmaking Premium Vehicles Wargaming wants to completely remove preferential matchmaking. Lower Tier tanks with pref. MM will be done entirely differently. Ranked Battles and this was meant to solve the gold problem and return the armour to WoT.

I wrote that I have the hunch of World of Tanks being a rigged game, where via matchmaking, tinkering with penetration and probably hit chances and damage numbers the developers guarantee that everyone remains close to the average in terms of kills and wins, so no one quits either because of “too easy”, nor “im pwned by nolifers lol”. The title is misleading because I still don’t and can’t have a real proof.

What I have is something that very much correlate to my theory and has one alternative explanation only: My girlfriend and me started new accounts. The idea is that the Marder II has mm penetration, therefore it can penetrate everything it can face if the match is unrigged and even if its penetration is halved, still can penetrate everything but T5 heavy front armor.

Its gun dispersion is small and and the minimum shell damage is OK too. So the Marder II can ignore rigging and has the results that an unrigged match would provide. What results am I talking about? Yes, top 5 reached with a tank that can’t be stealth-nerfed. And the matches were weird too. They mostly started by tanks on our side dead in 3 minutes. They had no chance against the enemy average players due to decreased penetration, hit and damage.

Then the enemy started to die, since the remaining of our team besides AFK-ers, bots and leeches hiding in the corner were also good players who were placed to the team for a loss. I often saw awesome play, not just from my girlfriend and me, but from random teammates.

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