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Girls Generation was the first kpop group I ever listened to. They started my obsession and are still my favorite girl group! So today I am counting down my top 10 Girls Generation songs! All my love is for you All my love is for you is actually a song in Japanese and not Korean. The song is really adorable! Beginning Beginning is one of my favorite songs from the early days of Girls Generation. The song is just fun and cute! Lion heart Lion heart is the title song from the Lion heart album. The song has a very vintage vibe and the music videos is among my favorite of the year.

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Even though their album gained some attention, their breakthrough came with their single “Gee” which is still a well-known song. Over the years the band released six Korean and three Japanese albums while holding several concert tours being known for reinventing their fashion style and stage performances. Just as Girls’ Generation the sub-group was successful likewise their solo careers.

The fandom colour is “Pastel Rose”.

Pretty much all pairings including Taeyeon, Sooyoung, and Yuri were torpedoed ever since they revealed they were all actually dating (men) note – although Sooyoung is the only one currently still in a relationship and Jessica’s gone from the group.

See what happens when you make bad decisions — namely, choosing the Other Guys subpar cable services. When you get bored, you start staring out windows. When you start staring out windows, you see things you shouldn’t see. When you see things you shouldn’t see, you need to vanish. When you need to vanish, you fake your own death. When you fake your own death, you dye your eyebrows. And when you dye your eyebrows, you attend your own funeral as a guy named Phil Shifley.

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The winner from this edition was year old student Park Seo Jin who was the youngest-ever winner from the series. But the organizers never thought that her win would bring them much trouble in the aftermath. In one of the segments as part of the competition, Park Seo Jin had to film a sexy photoshoot with another male model. It was at this point where Park Seo Jin only donned a pair of jeans, wearing nothing on top and using only her long hair to block her sensitive parts.

But some netizens also defended Park Seo Jin, remarking that despite her tender age, she was able to film the semi-nude photoshoot with style and panache, aptly displaying the charisma of a professional model. Our participants were mostly models aged 20 and above.

One month was almost over but not was the last week of the month and everyone was excited. Two nights before they move houses,Kai had messaged Yuri,if she was interested to watch a movie.

Robin TGG I know that you have introduced yourself to our readers in our previous interview. However, since some people might not know who you guys are. Well, would you be so kind and introduce yourself to our readers again? We publish visual novels from pretty much every genre, and in-house we develop comedy and parody games dealing with the military.

If so, would you be interested in creating such a platform? I think a happy middle ground would be no showing adult content on the store page, but the freedom to discuss it like I did. Well, would it be possible for those said devs to get a chance to release their games via Nutaku instead?

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She then asks if something happened between her and Young Gul for her to leave the factory, or if maybe something happened with Jae Suk. Ga Young denies this and says she has a reason why she has to work for Jae Suk. Meanwhile, Jae Hyuk is having a business meal with his dad and some others when his assistant comes in and whispers some good news in his ear. When he goes back to the office, he stops by the design team to confirm that Ga Young came into work again.


That is why despite watching their every move, idols are prone to dating scandals, attitude controversies and so much more. It’s almost impossible to find a Kpop idol who was never involved in anything. But recently in a forum, fans picked the popular kpop idol with zero scandal, and Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun perfectly fitted the bill. Despite being active with GG for almost nine years, the maknae remains to be sparkling clean.

In fact, she’s the only Girls’ Generation member without a dating buzz. Most GG members have admitted to their relationships — and breakups. Sooyoung’s relationship with actor Jung Kyung Ho is going strong while former member Jessica is linked with Tyler Kwon. Hyoyeon had a violent romantic relationship, but Taeyeon’s relationship with Exo’s Baekhyun is the most hated because Exo fans are a little possessive.

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It helps that there are several epic riffs throughout. The keyboard and guitar riffs in the self-titled song. Which is pretty ironic, as both groups are from the same company and support each other very much. Also between 2NE1 fans Blackjacks and Sones. Arguments mostly about the looks of the members of each group, and which group is more “talented”. Just look at any of the comments in each of their music videos – it’s enough to make you want to smack them all upside the head.

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Many have pointed at GG’s “pure” image as a main draw alongside their infectious, big beat pop, but it can’t be overlooked that the members’ personalities, which could’ve melded into one glutinous, nine-headed mass, have been singularly directed outwards and uniquely solidified the GG experience into an intimate family affair. Between the cross-genre colossus of “I Got A Boy” , which went onto redefine almost a year of K-pop songwriting, and new mini-album, “Mr. But, as expected, it raced up their homeland’s numerous charts to achieve what’s commonly known as an “all kill” — a clean sweep of number ones.

During the band’s promotions of the track on South Korea’s music shows, we speak to Tiffany sixth from left in the above picture , one of GG’s two Korean-Americans. She’s enthusing about their new look for the performances, complete with male dancers, a GG first. There’s a pause followed by a tinkling laugh. I’m having fun just looking at them.

How closely do you watch what’s happening, and do you still get excited about a number one? I usually keep up with what’s going on but this year the whole production process took so long that I kind of wanted to roll with it. I enjoyed it so I thought the fans might enjoy it and luckily they did! It’s not about being first place, it’s about being recognised for the hard work we put in.

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Play the best free online Anime Games for girls on GirlGames. Anime Cosplay Princesses Elsa, Ariel and Belle decided to visit comic con this year not only as spectators, but as cosplayers. The princesses would really like to start working on their costumes as soon as possible, so the You can find the best qualities of a heroine in the very powerful Sailor Moon. She is both beautiful and strong and i

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The world’s oldest and most comprehensive blog on lesbian-themed Japanese cartoons, comics and related media Yuri Anime: Ikkitousen GG August 31st, Erica is away on vacation this week. So please be prepared for comment approval to be delayed, and for your thoughtful comments to go unanswered for some days, as Erica focuses on more important things like fish-shaped churches and orgone cannons. Great Guardians was announced I was cautiously hopeful that this series would contain the same kind of absurdly service-y Yuri that made the first series so entertaining.

As of the time I am writing this review, it has been nearly everything I had hoped. One of the significant problems with the original Ikkitousen series was that it attempted to have a plot. It is with great relief that that has been set aside form much of GG. More importantly Ryoufu is brought back from the dead, and set up in a situation that is one death away from being the perfect Yuri couple for this series. Hopefully with at least one kiss between them. If you like Ikkitousen for the fighting or, god help you, the plot, or if you insist on being deranged about the series and comparing it to previous series and expecting continuity and consistency you may not like GG.

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Your task is to train girls and make money by selling them to your clients. Customize your characters, upgrade your surrounding and girls as soon as you get some free money to earn more. Your decisions may lead or mislead to certain characters and interactions with them. As usually in this type of games you’ll see a lot of pornographic images and videos.

Bahkan Yuri pernah melakukan sendiri saat GG Tour dan di acara yang lain. Minho merangkul Yuri. Itu bukan hal yang biasa, ketika seorang Hoobae merangkul Sunbaenya. Tentang pacar Yuri itu akan terungkap pada acara “Dating Alone” tanggal 28 Maret

This article, from early this month, tries to get at the heart of the issue. This story, however, is ongoing and many details may continue to be revealed. Even for minor cases, its good to take measure of the gains and losses. You have to verify who has been falsely accused, and who is the real victim. Did she leave, or did they tell her to leave? Did the other members want to lose her?

Rather than dealing with the nature of the event, we are making an account of the gains and losses involved. First we must understand the main conflict, and then the depth of the conflict. Only then can we understand the true nature of this event. What we are most curious about is, did she leave, or was she asked to leave.

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That way if a scandal breaks loose, we can easily block it. Tipe ideal Minho dan Yuri. Minho pernah jadi bintang tamu, di acara invicible youth pada eps 6. Kalo yang belum tau, G7 itu adalah sebutan buat anggota di IY, yaitu, hyunna 4minutes, sunny snsd, yuri snsd, narsha brown eyd girls, seonhwa secret, hyomin t-ara, dan juga hara kara. Awalnya banyak yang mikir kalo minho bakal pilih go hara, karena sebelumnya minho pilih go hara, disalah satu acara show lain.

Please keep on pranking Kwon Yuri, i think I love snsd more because of you. I will be waiting for your next drama! I heard that she dating with Jung Kyung Ho hey KBS, she is also a fan of GG.

The term tribade did not begin to refer exclusively to eroticism between women until Late Antiquity. In addition to the scissoring position, which involves the partners interlocking their legs in a position similar to the shape of scissors and pressing their vulvas together, tribadism may involve a missionary position , a woman on top position, a doggy style position or others, [6] [7] or simple movement of the woman’s vulva against her partner’s thigh, stomach, buttocks, arm, or another body part.

The glam pop band Scissor Sisters derived their name from the scissoring position. The episode is credited with having brought more recognition to the act of scissoring, [26] [28] with The Raw Story stating, “Though the band ‘Scissor Sisters’ takes its name from descriptions of the act, it wasn’t until scissoring was dramatized in the ‘South Park’ episode ‘D-Yikes’ that it achieved wide recognition in mainstream culture. Pierce reference scissoring while making out.

The scene received some criticism for possibly being inappropriate for children. The scenes were the subject of debate among lesbians and critics, with the depiction of scissoring being one of the acts that were criticized; in an interview surveying a small panel of lesbian women, one of the women, who was skeptical that lesbian sexual activity included scissoring at all, seemed more open to the idea of a reverse cowgirl position of scissoring; another woman had engaged in the reverse cowgirl position of scissoring.

Among female bonobos[ edit ] Female-female genital sex is not exclusive to humans. Females of the bonobo species, found in the Democratic Republic of the Congo , also engage in this act, usually referred to by primatologists as GG rubbing genital-to-genital.

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However, Yuri stayed for an extra 5 days until the 11th. The day after on the 12th, Oh Seung Hwan had his first appearance in Japan’s professional league. While it’s not enough to say that this is proof, Sunday News reports that most of the professional baseball league knows of their relationship. Insiders say Yuri probably stayed not to go on dates with him, but to support him, as Oh Seung Hwan is known for focusing only on his games during the season.

The two of them have been spotted together since last November. Oh Seung hwan was in Korea during November and December, and the two reportedly met up together often during the two months.

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YuRi , Angst , Romance Enjoy! Mengapa begitu sulit bagimu? Untuk melihat diriku yang mencoba dengan semestinya? Aku terkejut mengetahuinya, berapa besar aku bisa terluka karenamu. Hariku adalah perjuangan , bahkan impianku terasa menyakitkan Jika itu kau, bagaimana itu akan terjadi? Jika hari-hari yang menyusahkan ini , menjadi milikmu? Jika kau hancur sebesar diriku Akankah kau tahu?

Semua rasa sakit yang memenuhi diriku , ke titik di mana hatiku akan meledak. Betapa aku sangat menginginkanmu? Jika aku adalah kau. Aku hanya akan mencintai diriku. Hatiku selamanya menunduk , aku takut segalanya yang mengelilingiku. Mereka mengatakan jika kau akan bahagia ketika kau jatuh cinta. Tolong beritahu aku siapa yang mengatakan itu?

“한눈 팔지 마!” SNSD(小女時代) 유리(Kwon Yuri)와 데이트 중 S라인 미녀가? 나홀로 연애중 4회